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In 2020 we adopted Seraphim; an injured 3 month old pup into our family that already consisted of 2 amazingly special dogs. (Parker our over-anxious, nervous black lab and Sabbie, a soldier rescue dog from the streets of Afghanistan)After some tests, we were told Sera was born with a spinal malformation and needed surgery as soon as possible as her spinal cord was almost completely compressed. Knowing there was a chance she wouldn't be able to walk at all we opted to save her from future pain, do the surgery and whatever it took to care for this sweet pup.A year later here we are, Sera is strong and feisty!
She doesn't yet have the use of her back legs, but we are not giving up hope and work each day to get her strength back. Even though she is incontinent and does have some other small health issues she is a happy, loving girl that
we can't imagine our life without.
At Sera's 1st birthday I couldn't find a dog friendly cake anywhere that I knew would be safe for her belly and allergies. After previously having my own baking business and now having these 3 dogs, (all with their own "special" needs). I decided to combine my two loves and start BOOPtheSnoot, making healthy, organic dog treats and special occasion cakes for dogs. All of the proceeds of these treats go into our Sera fund for her growing medical bills and I get to do something I love and feel so passionate about.

You can see where we are and learn more about Sera on Instagram, follow her at @buona_seraphim 

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